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Creative Advertisement 01

An advertisement by Jung von Matt/Alster for watchmaker IWC. Bus straps have been fashioned from images of IWC's Big Pilot's Watch to allow bus travellers near the airport to try before they buy at Berlin, Germany. 16 more advertisements after the jump.

Creative Advertisement 06

A sticker has been placed on the high voltage box depicting that Duracell's batteries were used. Cool advertisement found in Malaysia.

Creative Advertisement 07

An ambient exercise to promote Eatalica burgers. A 'Caution Wet Floor' board was placed near an Eatalica burger signboard. The copy on the board reads 'Oogling at the burger may involuntarily cause drooling which may in turn lead to a wet floor. Issued for your safety by the management of Eatalica restaurant'. Eatalica is an American-Italian Food Joint in Chennai, India.

Creative Advertisement 09

A giant mirror was built that allowed passersby to stop and look at themselves wearing Indivi clothes at a shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan

Creative Advertisement 10

An advertisement for a job recruiting company in Berlin, Germany. Depicting people working in the vending machines, ATMs, it delivers the message that 'Life is too short for the wrong job'.

Creative Advertisement 11

Stickers were placed in selected car park locations and car workshops where the product is sold in Malaysia. It delivers the message that M-Tech Plasma HID Lights are 300% brighter than regular headlights. The burn effect sticker from the headlights really leaves an impression. is a leading provider of online credit card processing for both low-risk and high-risk merchants. These services are provided at a nominal cost. The aim is to provide the reasonable bank rates for merchant account processing services for business.

As you see now a days acceptance of credit cards is a must for every online business and a lot of people are involved in selling and buying of online goods.So provides the most secure,reliable and cost effective solution for any bussiness in processing credit cards both online and offline.

Advangateprocessors is able to deal with all types of merchant accounts,credit card processors, low chargebacks,high chargebacks. stands up to their service and if you are not satisfied with their service, you can cancel the process at anytime, with no penalties.They have an easy contact form to fill out so you can discuss your options with one of their representatives. To learn more, visit their website,

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