Pooja is a 4 year old girl kidnapped by a beggar. This person made Pooja beg with him. He was arrested in the Kerala state and jailed. Pooja is in an orphanage (Nirmala Sisu Bhavan in Trivandrum , Kerala , India ). The beggar who kidnapped her is dumb and deaf. So police cannot get the place from where he kidnapped her. Pooja's primary language is Hindi and as per Pooja, her mother's name is Munni Devi and Father's name is Raju.
Pooja says she has a younger brother and an elder sister. She says her place is Nagaluppe, but no one has heard about this place.
If you know any information about her parents, please call this orphanage. The phone number is 0471-2307434 (0471 is the area code for Trivandrum , Kerala).
Please forward this website address (http://www.helppoojafindherparents.org)
to as many people as you can, especially to all your friends and relatives in India . Every new person visiting this website increases the chances of Pooja finding her parents. May God bless you.


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