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Here is Bid4prizes, which is offering a variety of free gifts to be bid for. Its fast its easy and moreover its free. The users bids , wins and takes away the prize. Its that simple as it could be.

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Here is how it works:You select your price and make bid for that item. The lowest unique bid wins the item.. The keyword there is single/unique. If you and 30 other people offer $0.01, you don’t win. Anyone else that bid $2.36 wins.The lowest unique bid for every prize starts out at one penny - if more than one person bids a penny, then that penny is no longer the lowest unique bid and 2 cents is the new low unique bid. If more than one person bids 2 cents then 3 cents is the next lowest unique bid. And so on and so on.

Are you wondering that you'll have to pay the bidding price and shipment charges. Then you are wrong.. You need not pay the bid amount and the shipment cost. Bid4Prizes will do that for you..

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