Good things happen at the unlikeliest time. I saw this opportunity on Hotel Reservations the other day and thought it would be nice presentation before my readers who look for hotel reservations. I do like to write travel.Before I finalizing the decision to review the website, I thought it would be possible only if the website has hotel reservations from Kerala. Kerala is my place, you see.Sure there are hotel reservation deals for Kerala hotels, just as there are for hotels from Goa, Delhi, Kolkata, etc in India, among destinations at 100 different countries.
The website has done its homework to offer hotel reservations at 70,000 properties in 100 countries of seven continents.A brief overview article on India, in the destination guide section gives an accurate account of prevalent weather conditions in different parts of India, clearly telling first time visitors what they can expect where and when in India. The account of rain, snow and temperature conditions one can experience at different parts of India during different months is accurate.
There are also useful run downs on communication facilities, costs, legal issues, destination recommendations, special interest destinations like Yoga Meditation Ashrams, an account of important festivals, etc.Same kind of overviews are available on most destination countries and I expect them to be accurate too.Apart from hotel reservation deals, there are also airlines ticket booking, car rentals, vacation rentals and vacation packages – normal things you can expect from travel websites. also offers Price Guarantee for hotels, condos and resorts – something business and pleasure trip planners can look forward to. Travelers can also contact Hotel Reservations directly over telephone.

City Search Feature
I searched if hotels from Thiruvananthapuram and Munnar are available. There were three results for Thiruvananthapuram, none for Munnar. When I searched for Goa, there were two suggestions – one for Genoa in Italy and the other one, Goa India returned 12 results, with deals ranging from $ 40 to $ 300. The search engine also returned 20 results for Sydney, Australia and 25 for Tokyo Japan.
With lowest price guarantee, travelers will find this site beneficial.With a price guarantee, accurate destination description, good search feature and availability of Hotel Reservations worldwide, this website has the potential to offer great customer service.

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