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As ancient English folklore goes we have all heard of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. One day it was found by the king that one of his knights had committed an unhonorable act by making a pass at the Lady Gwenevere. This knight was Sir Lancelot and quite out of his character but, yes, he had committed the act. The king commanded him to appear and at his appearance the king made an ultimatum. "Oh, Sir Lancelot, one of my beloved knights and most loyal, you have greatly disgraced me but because you are one of my best and most loved knights I will grant you one chance at freedom." The king went on, "I will pose a riddle to you, and, if you can solve this great question I will let you go free, but, if not, you will be sentenced to death by quartering." The knight was greatly distressed, but he answered the king, "Oh great king, pose the riddle to your most loyal knight." "The riddle is this, 'What do women want most?" The court was silent. Who, in any wisdom, could answer this great question. The knight replied, "Oh king, thank you for this great opportunity. How, I beg you, long do I have to answer the riddle?" The king said, "One week. I know you are loyal and a man of your word, you are free to search the land for the answer." The knight was on his way to find the answer. He sought high and low. On the first day, he sought wisdom from the ancients who answered him that it is not possible to know such a thing. The second day he went to the priest who answered that it was only God who could answer such a question. And so it continued day by day that no one could answer this great question. Finally, time was short, and the knight was becoming desperate. He found the powerful and very ugly witch of the southern lands. He besought her for her divination. She examining him answered him thus, "I will and am fully able to answer this question but you too must promise me one thing and I will answer thee." "What is it that you desire witch?" The knight interjected a little annoyed, knowing the deviousness of the witch. "You must promise to marry me, Oh knight." She answered The knight was shocked. But know the time was short, he thought for a brief moment and said, "I am short of life, I value my life greatly and because of this I will promise to marry you if you answer the riddle properly." "Knowing you are a knight and a man of your word I will answer you." The witch began with a slight smirk on her wickedly ugly face, "What do women want most?" She paused for a slight affect, "Women want most to have their own way." The knight and those of his train understood immediately that this was the right and proper answer. But to be sure the knight said, "I will give the king the answer and if it is so, I will return to marry you." and off he went. Riding hard to meet the king at the appointed hard the knight arrived. With but a few moments remaining the knight stood before the king. The king spoke, "Have you the answer to my riddle oh knight?" And the knight bowed he answered and a firm voice, "I do oh king!" The court became quite hushed with anticipation. "Answer then oh most loyal knight that you may be exonerated from your punishment!" the king commanded. "Women want most to have their own way, Oh king." The king smiled, "you are most wise knight, go on your way, you are free." The knight exited the court with relief but as soon as he walked out there was the witch waiting for him. "You remember your promise you most honorable knight, do you not?" She cackled. "Yes, I am a man of my word, this night I will marry you." "Very well, knight, and because you are a man of your word and honorable I will grant YOU a wish of your desire. I can be beautiful for you, BUT, I can either be beautiful for you in the late evenings that you may enjoy me as a wife OR I can be beautiful for you in the day that you may have honor among your men." she humbly paused "which will it be knight?" The knight being wise paused to think and while thinking he remembered the riddle that saved his life. "What do women want most?" The knight replied, "Witch, you choose which one you would have to be." The witch gravely said to him, "You are also very wise knight for you learn from your mistakes. For this I will be beautiful for you at all times." She cast her spell and instantly she became a very fair maiden. And the land was at peace again and there was a great celebration. For the moral of this story my friend is quite simple and that is, "Let the woman have her way or else things are going to get really ugly." Jeremiah 10:23 Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps


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