The idea for this post struck my mind when I searching information for my electronics project-Radio frequency Identification(RFID).Since this is my final year in Engineering,I shall submit a project in college.I am thankful to Mr. HC Aggrawal for handing us such a high-tech project.

RFID is the latest emerging technology which is not yet popular till now.RFID is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags.The working of RFID tags is similar to Barcode Readers used in shopping stores,libraries etc.The only difference is the large range of RFID and its lower cost when used on large scale.The main advantage is that products having RFID chips can be tracked from a very large distance.There are many other advantages.

But many people are against this technology.there are various reasons stated

1)Privacy-If RFID tags are implemented on currency,a person having RFID Sensor will know the amount of money you are carrying.Also a person can be tracked for tracked for large distance if item he his carrying has RFID tag without his knowledge.

2)Religious Opinion-Some critics, evangelical Christians mainly, believe that RFID tagging could represent the Number of the Beast(666) mentioned specifically in the "Book of Revelation".Katherine Albrecht,Liz_McIntyre authors of Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID,wrote a new book on the subject.John Conner, leader of an organization called "The Resistance of Christ" also believes there is a strong connection. Related subjects include "Eschatology"(last things)and Dispensationalism".

But what these people don't understand is the ease with which work will be done after the implementation of RFID.There will be so much saving of time and money.There will be no manual searching for a particular item in a factory.Whatever others say,I will go for RFID's development.What do you say?



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