Technorai Bummer-'Whats does it mean' is the first question which must have come in your head.Right?If yes,then you can continue to read the post.

Well,I was running the Technorati Authority building program where you return Faves to those who have FAVed you.As per the deal I checked on Technorati the people who had FAVed me and FAVed them back.But one day,I was not able to FAV a person who had FAVed me.Thats where the BUMMER thing I came to know about.

In Technorati,you can't Add more than 200 sites to your Favourites.But Technorati says they will increase the limit soon but didn't say when.In case you reach the limit (200)- you can UNFAV any old blog or site FAVed by you and return the Favour.I checked all the sites I had FAVed.Many of were dead or moved to domains or URL changed.Taking my FAVs back,I againg have 25 FAVs, actually 25 gems by Technorati.

So what I wish to say is that spend you Technorati FAVs with care.Once you reach 200,you
will have to go through all 200 sites FAVed and select which ones to UNFAV.