Have you ever heard this?Well,I’m talking about the garments sale I recently came through.I went to a mall just for the sake of change from the bored project and college work.hardly carrying some cash since we were not prepared for the Big Surprise waiting for us there.As soon as we entered the Shipra Mall,Ghaziabad(IND),there were banners(Big ones)shouting SALE SALE SALE.

The sale was like this-Buy 3 Get 6 Free.An yeah,there was one more offer at the same-buy 6 get 18 Free.Sheesh,I never imagined in my life about this.I think the owner is fed up of his store and plans to start a new business.But wait,I was wrong because it was a comptetion(I suppose) between the various stores located close to each other.As I turned my head,there was another sale banner saying-50%+45% Off.I thought what the Hell,the thing which cost me Rs100 is now for Rs5, but my friend clarified me about the discount(hope you understood the meaning of 50%+45%Off).

But the question which haunts me is-How much should I pay them for a Jeans or Shirt?Shall I wait for the Sale season when I can buy 18 shirt by just paying for 6?I also heard they increase the amount tagged on the item and give discount so we actually pay what we will pay without Sale?