There are tons of factors that influence your search engine page rank. For each article that you write, (if accepted into an article directory) you can get up to 150 incoming back links to your site thus improving your page rank. The page your article is syndicated on will usually acquire the Page Rank of its domain, which means you could potentially get links from pages with very high Page Ranks without link back in exchange.

The attributes that make a website successful are easy to understand, higher page rank when indexed in all the major search engines can in some cases lead to greater amount of traffic to your site.

Most people do nothing to obtain a good page rank and in some cases often do things which are contrary to obtaining a good ranking. A well constructed press released optimised for ‘PR’ needn’t have anymore than 100 high quality in-bound links from various related resources with decent Google page ranks.

The importance of page rank can sometimes be overblown since most search engines factor in, page relevance when their determining a sites position in their search engines.