Forty-seven year old novelist Jay Nussbaum is a former real estate attorney who eventually became general counsel of a New York City mortgage bank. Eleven years ago he seized an opportunity to stop practicing law and pursue his dream of becoming a writer.He is a graduate of Brandeis University and Boston University School of Law.

His first foray into fiction, Blue Road to Atlantis, was published by Warner Books in 2002. A second novel, A Monk Jumped Over a Wall, published November 1, 2007, has been gaining increased notoriety due to his unique marketing venture to promote it.Nymphomercial is a totally unique marketing concept for authors; Jay Nussbaum and a small team of friends dramatized an entire scene from the novel and posted it on YouTube.You may get an idea of the great by the fact that it was viewed over 80,000 times after two months.This video has been creating waves especially on many college campuses.

Jay Nussbaum has been a successful real estate lawyer, rising to the position of Senior VP / General Counsel within a well-known mortgage bank and closed one of the largest deals in the bank’s history.e He is also black belt in karate and ran two dojos.He also taught a course at Cornell University entitled Taoism and the Dojo, which explored the connection between martial arts and the soul.