There are many profiles oner internet whom we come across but there are certainly a few which are interesting.Among all of them,Michael J McNaul's profile is something which worth a look. Michael McNaul was born in the year 1953,14th September. He is now 55 years old and lived in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Right from childhood,he was brilliant in academics and scored the highest marks in all the subjects.He graduated from St. Theresa Elementary School and then from graduated from Trinity Catholic High School.He was also President of the Letterman’s Club.He has Completed three years of college w/ a major emphasis on Business Administration.He is quite an active person, had joined the Home Builders Association, Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association and a lifetime member of the Catholic Church (Currently a member of the Holy Cross Catholic Church – Hutchinson.

He has worked as a developer in the development and marketing of numerous subdivisions including several hundred lots.He also worked as a project director in an Oil and Gas company in which his areas included Drilling new wells, Re-completion of existing wells, Production of both oil and natural gas, Natural gas pipelines, Partnership management.

He has also worked as Business manager, director, officer in the following companies-Link Asset Management, LLC – a holding company, Revel Investments, LLC real estate and oil and gas, Warren Drilling, LLC drilling contractor O&G, Warrick Drilling, LLC drilling contractor O&G,Mid Kan Well Service, LLC service, completion pulling units, T & D Oil Field Services, LLC heavy haul trucking and dozer, Pawnee Iron Works, LLC refurbishment contractor for the O&G industry,
Consolidated Management Group, LLC energy related equipment leasing management, National Leasing, LLC estate leasing, Santa Fe Trails Leasing, LLC – small equipment leasing i.e. pickups, tractors trailers etc.

Doesn't this profile of a person look different to you.If yes,them you must certainly take a look at Mike McNaul profile in Linkedin.


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