The Internet offers the scientific community many ways of ensuring their work is available by a much greater percentage of the population. Gaining top search engine positions is only the tip of the ice burg, their are many more ways for Academia to get wider - international audiences numerous technologies including RSS Push technology. Many academics currently operate micro sites and it is key that the universities realise that this is not only an outdated Internet marketing strategy but will also have negative repercussions for some sites.

Most company owners have read copious numbers of books and understand how marketing works, they understand what is involved and realise how expert you need to be to actually receive significant results. There are hundreds of successful marketing agencies out therebut a few which will work just like a natural SEO for your site.One such site is

Located in Sywell, NetCallidus is an innovative on-line search engine marketing company and is now pleased to announce that it has now been acquired by the Something 4 Group of companies.
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