As any marketing and sales person can attest, lead management is one of the most crucial processes in achieving your business goals. Screw-up on lead management and you lose revenue. is one such web-based application that focuses on lead management.

As any marketing or sales manager will attest, Customer Relationship Management is generally a pain to implement in-house. And they will also attest, that neglecting leads is one of the main sources of lost revenue that can be controlled in-house. One feature that struck me the most was’s Lead Attention Meter. It helps prevent lead neglect - a fantastic feature if you cycle through hundreds of leads a day.

Customer Relation Software from is extremely customer orientated and will set up, configure and provide training with every account leaving you to focus on actually making sales. Considering that the software is also very reasonably priced, a lot lower than the competition, it certainly is worth looking into. There are no set-up fees and they integrate your system with your website free of charge.

Go check it out the lead management software and you’ll see why they have built such a strong, and reputable relationship with their clients. By simplifying the process, and developing dependable, easy to configure, and understand software they have made many happy clients lives much easier!