On February 1st 2008, watch out for the official launching of Pay Per Play Ads at JustPayPerPlay.com which is offering these new kinds of pay per play ads options for advertisers as well as options for publishers those who want to make money by offering these new kinds of innovative ads on their websites.

Once you sign up with them, you will need to just copy the codes that they provided and paste it into your blog and that's it! This online media channel plays a 5 second audio advertisements on your website where you place the PPP code. Your website readers will only hear a 5 second audio ad once they visited your blog or website for every 3 minutes per visit. So if they already heard an audio ad on another page of your website and clicked on another page of the same site, you don't have to worry because they will not get irritated with these ads due to the 3 minute time interval.

The company is also offering audio ads affiliate program which anyone can promote and can make money directly by working as an affiliate of the company in the process of promoting this particular new audio based ads format. Any web developer or any web sites manager or owner of web sites on the internet can immediately join pay per play ads program from the company and start making money by introducing in promoting this particular new ads format on the internet. Check out the state of the company and will get complete information on the web site of the company.