REEBOK is a brand name that don't need words to explain its reputation in the market. It would not be wrong to say that REEBOK has dominated the entire business of Sports footwear, apparel and accessories.

REEBOK has introduced an innumerable products that has changed the fashion statement like the freestyle athletic shoe, which was designed for women Not only was the Reebok Freestyle popular as athletic wear, but also as casual wear. Athletic shoe for men, called the Ex-O-Fit. Similar to the Freestyle, it came in low-top and high-top versions.

Now REEBOK come with an innovative idea that helps tone legs and butt muscles with every step you take named Easytone Shoe . It uses unique balance ponds with moving air built into the shoe that provide instability with each and every step and that force your muscles to work harder. It's a first-of-its-kind, well-designed, stylish toning shoe you can wear for all your daily activities from work to school to shopping to walking.Availability in many colors and versatile styles making it more demanding as Reebok has paid full attention to match your footwear with your personality and choice.

According to a survey users have noticed the difference immediately and feel that the shoes work and their muscles are working harder.
A test has been conducted in lab that compare typical foam based walking shoe and easy tone shoe. It has been observed that easytone shoe generate 30% more muscle activation, 13% more calf activation and 10% more hamstring activation.

So what are you waiting for, Just go and grab your shoe cum exercise machine .