The best thing about Google's Adsense program is that it is great.Those who are not aware of this program,let me tell you that Adsense is one of the most effective ways of monetizing your traffic and the deeper you delve into it the more it will reward you.Google basically displays ads on your site and you earn if someone clicks on them.

There are various other similar nature programs like Bidvertiser,Ads-click etc but their payout rate is very small and also very confusing.At Adsense,a click can vary from $0.01 to $15.00 where as in other its only in cents.Also the setup of adsense is simple.The earning in Adsense depends on various factors like Ads placement,format,color,number of unit and most importantly keywords.I found a site which helps in all .They have explained very clearly how you can maximize your can also refer to Adsense Blog for more.

Here are some basic tips while signing up for Google’s Adsense program.

Tip # 1 If you search multiple websites in different categories you’ll find one thing in common. Almost all of them have Google ads and nothing else. This is because most other programs are a waste of time. Don’t take my word for it.

Try other programs, but don’t skip Google’s Adsense.

Tip # 2 Google’s search spiders are so specific, that the ads that appear on each page correspond exactly to some element of that page. Therefore, having ads from other companies is not a good idea.

TIP # 3 You can place text, image, banner ads and even a search box that will earn your company revenue. Do not place a search box from another company on the same page as Google’s search box. They may stop working with you.


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  2. anjali // October 9, 2007 at 6:46 PM  

    hmm intresting but the tips are very basic add new tips also...Till then happy blogging