Pingo is a phone card retailer and are one of the largest phone card companies in the world.The have a great track record of over 1.1 billion phone card minutes of usage per month. There is a lot of reasons why customers choose Pingo. One of them would be because they do not have hidden charges and extra fees that most of the other international phont card service providers do.

If you sign up for Pingo (just sign up), you will receive up to 4 hours of free international phone cards t’s cool isn’t it?! Pingo provides calling cards that are designed to provide you with the best calling card experience,including quality, convenience, and customer service with competitive rates available today. At Pingo you can they are having a $25 merchant gift card giveaway.Pingo is also offering $10 in international phone cards FREE Father’s Day calls. Pingo has an awesome affilate program where you can get $15 for each and every new customer you refer to Pingo. That is a good amount of money right there.

Unlike other prepaid cards that you can buy online, only Pingo offers its users with a card-reloading feature by using your credit card and even Paypal

If you are looking for a prepaid calling card provider,than Pingo is perfect for you. If you are needing to call India,Pingo has great Calling Card rates.Pingo has the cheapest prepaid phone card to call India and so many more countries.


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