I always read about people asking Bloggers to switch to Wordpress blogs.The reasons they stated for changes were-category separation in blogger,nice and attractive templates,showing previous or most popular post,showing recent comments etc.Well,I did try for a wordpres blog but deleted it soon when I came to know wordpress don't making money from blog.Your blog will be deleted.You need to upgrade your account for making money through wordpress blogs.

But trust me,if make a little search in google,ask your blogger friends about blog widgets you will end up with your blog looking thousand times netter than a wordpress blog.

Categorising you blog post

Take a look at all of your post and think some similar categories for them like Make Money Online, Blogging Tips, Reviews etc.Use these categories as labels whenever you publish a post.This way,you will restrict your labels to 5-10.To show the categories widget now,

1.Goto dashboard
2.Select Template/Layout
3.select Add Page Element
4.Select Labels and Add to Blog

Your categories will appear in your blog.You may take a look at my blog categories.

Why your Blog needs category separation

The visitor to your blog will mostly look at the top post you posted and the widgets.He may not see your archives list.But if you have separated your post,the reader may click on his favorite category and may go through your older posts.

To add a recent comment widget to your blog,you may read my post here

Recent Comments Widget for Bloggers


  1. theartist // January 13, 2008 at 6:30 AM  

    Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it! ^___^ I also like this post and I try to follow these traits as much as I can personally.

    Question! How do you make the sidebar of your blog so clean and nice and organized? >__<