Over the past few months,I have been asked several times by bloggers joining under under my referral or otherwise how do they start with.Fed of explaining again and again(its frustrating to explain same thing you know),I am writing the procedure in the most simplest manner.

I am writing only those sites where my blog has been approved and I know their system well.There are many others but since they haven't approved,I won't explain their system.

To start with,you must have a
Paypal account.Paypal is a kind of Online bank where all your income is deposited.There is a minimum payout of $150.00 limited to $500.00 per month for those who don't provide credit card info.The total withdrawal money is limited to $3000.00 for unverified (since no credit card info)users.To join paypal, click here or type paypal.com in your browser.While making account simply click cancel if you don't have a credit card. It usually takes 10-15 days for a paypal check to reach your doorstep.If you need to have a look of how it looks like ,you can take a look at my first check here.
Even if you get a mail from paypal,don't ever click on the link and enter your user id and paasword. Always open a new window and access your account from their.

Money making sites


To join payperpost(ppp), your blog must be 90 days old with good traffic.Simply sign up and add you blog to their database.They will mail you when your blog is approved.After your blog is approved you see the opportunities in open opportunities tab.Those with white and green background are available to you.But there should be at least one non-paid post of minimum 50 words before and after a ppp post.A ppp task should be completed within 6 hours of accepting it. You can also earn by referral.Show a referral banner in your blog and if someone joins by clicking on your banner,you get $15.00 when your referred person takes the first opportunity. You may join under me by clicking here


For blogsvertise,your blog should be 60 days old.But sometimes they appove immediately after submission and keep you under their supervision.Once approved,they mail you if there is a task(oppurtunity) for your blog.The deatils can also be seen in your Task Management tab in your blogsvertise admin area.A post needs to be at least 200 words in blogsvertise while the number of words need in ppp post is mentioned with each post.A mailed offer should be completed within 5 days. There is also Grab Bag offer.In your admin area,under Blog List Search/Status tab,if you see a yellow bag,click on it and if you like the offer-accept.A grab bag offer should be completed within 3 days. To join blogsvertise,click here.


Its really to get approved with smorty.I guess blogs with PR 1 and above.The working is simple.They mail you the offers.Following the guidelines(linkback and keyword to be used) in the offer,complete and submit.But oppurtunities are taken fast so often checkback your admin area. To join smorty,click here.


All you need for sponsored review is a good alexa rank,technorati rank and link pop(means popularity on yahoo search) rank.Be sure to submit your blog to them and submit your blog to Google and Yahoo. To increase Alexa rank,you may read post by Maki.Once approved,click on Find Advertisers tab and bid for the various task available.The bid should between the given amount.They mail you once an advertiser accepts your bid.Once your blog is accepted for a task,in your admin area click Jobs in progress where the task accepted is displayed.Do them as per the requirement.to join,click here or type sponsoredreviews.com in your browser.


Blogitive has a fixed payout rate of $5 per post.I think they look for old blogs that an PR thing.Their working is simple.Write a 100 word post and include the given Url and submit.Payouts are made on weekly basis.To join, click here or type blogitive.com in your browser.


ReviewMe accepted my blog in November when it got a PR4.You really need good stats to get accepted by Reviewme.But once accepted,there are a lots of offers for you.
To join, click here or type reviewme.com in your browser.

Well,right now these are the only sites used by me for making money.But don't worry,here is the list pf other sites I found on other blogs:
A Definitive List of Paid Blogging Websites
36 Get Paid To Sites
34 Sites That Pay Bloggers To Blog

Hope the information help you.


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