Its is rightly said 'Health is wealth'.Everyone in this world wish to live a happy and colorful life.We try our best to eat the best food and try the best of exercises to keep ourselves away from diseases.But merely being away from diseases doesn't make us healthy.According to the WHO (world Health Organization) health is the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and not merely an absence of a disease or an infirmity.

If you are healthy you should be happy and not under any kind of mental pressure. In other words, health is the balance between the diet, mind and spirit. In recent researches many scientists have found out mental stress is directly associated with hypertension and heart attacks.

There is a site which deals with both self improvment and body mind spirit .It serves as a helpful resource for those of you who want to try to exist happily and live a beautiful, stress-free, enlightened life.The site also aims at working on your own personal development (staying calm instead of exploding, sharing more, being kind as much as possible).here are number of sites on the internet on this topic but some of these sites target only the professionals and the other sites give wrong information. But is different. It provides accurate information in a manner that can be understood by any person.