Being infected from computer virus is not a new thing anymore but it can not be ignored for sure as it may lead to some serious technical chaos. If you are going through such problems and don’t know how to make your PC safe from outer intervention then Here is the answer of your problems Webroot Antivirus 2010 with Spy Sweeper.

There is nothing to worry much about these threats as Webroot is a very familiar name in IT Security Industry and it has come up with a promising basic protection suite for home users named Webroot Antivirus 2010 with Spy Sweeper . It is developed to protect your hardware against all kind of viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and other Internet malwares.

Webroot Antivirus 2010 with Spy Sweeper has a well organized interface so that you can use all the features with ease even though if you are not so techy. The home page displays all the essential information like as scan, protection status and many more. However the outer look is not so impressive and pleasing but it can be ignored at the cost of security that it provides to your PC.  

Key Features             :

It consumes minimal processor, hard disk and other resources usage that leads to negligible impact on performance.

Updates don’t require your intervention, its automatically get completed at background.

It has been tested against numerous viruses and malwares and this product was far ahead of expectation.

Webroot Antivirus 2010 with Spy Sweeper consumes about 50MB of memory that is far less than if we compare it with other same category product.

Overall it seems to be a good product for home users that are looking for basic protection.