iPhone software publisher Chillingo launches three action-packed games to selected members of the press. One of the game is based on the aliens and predators and the other two games were zombie based.

These game are designed to thrill the ones who loves blood games. You have the freedom to use killing and hi-tech weapons from the Predator franchise, including shoulder cannons, wrist blades, spears, net guns, stealth generators, and thermal vision and any more that will make you feel WOW.

I won’t suggest to kids for playing this anytime soon. As this is a mature game where the mission is to gruesomely kill a variety of well armed enemies and You can rip your opponents in pieces and watch the blood fly as you use your sharp claws.

It has not been unveiled completely but In Predators, you play as a young predator stalking his prey on a “game preserve” on an alien world. In order to gain full membership in your clan, you must kill ten human warriors in combat.

The other two games are zombie theme based, the first game, Zombie Escape. You must lead people to the helicopters while killing bloodthirsty zombie to stay alive. In addition to leading your survivors to their evac choppers, you can unleash weapons and other attacks on the undead to clear the way and gain strength. Weapons include air strikes, sniper rifles, bombs and sleeping gas.

Zombie Wonderland, I personally feel is an interesting combination of survival horror. The game takes place in the town where zombies keep invading your homes. Your aim is to kill those zombies and you need to play a role of zombie “cleaner,” who must defend each entryway of a home while keeping on top of your chores and cleanup duties. Every zombie has its own power, so you have to prioritize who you kill, what doors you barricade. Throughout gameplay, you will unlock more menacing weapons and cleaning supplies.
So far, only Zombie Wonderland is available on the App Store and has a price point. But look for the other in the coming weeks. so keep checking the Macworld Game Room.