India has collected one more feather in her hat by signing a nuclear deal with Canada. After getting engaged in this deal, both the nation has wiped off a history of stranded relation that goes back to India’s nuclear test that resulted freezing nuclear cooperation with New Delhi.

Canada is going to supply 2000 tonnes of uranium to power India’s existing and future reactors. This agreement would provide cooperation in design, construction, maintenance and sharing of nuclear experience.

Canadian Prime minister has ensured that there are enough clauses and mechanism to prevent the misuse of this civil nuclear deal. In addition to that Singh declared that there is absolutely no scope whatsoever of the nuclear material or nuclear equipment in India for unintended purposes.

India’s civil nuclear deal has grown up the confidence of other international community to consider India as responsible nuclear power. However, it is not clear whether India will be able to access enrichment and reprocessing technology as part of this deal. India is looking forward towards this technology but apart from France, no other country has so far offered this technology.